N.S.D. is all you need!

At NSD, we want to make your whole expirence, as easy as possible. We offer everything you'll need in one place. From Concealed Carry Classes, exclusive offers, to game changing merchandise.

Come learn from Central Illinois's Leaders In Firearms Training.

Illinois State Police Certified

Our instructors are all I.S.P. certified and have passed a rigorus background check and curriculum audits set

by the ISP.

NRA Certified

Our instructors are all certified in many different disiplines offered by the N.R.A. From basic pistol, shotgun and rifle. See what we offer for N.R.A. training.  

USCCA Certifed

Our instructors are also USCCA certified. We understand the importance of self defense shooting vs target shooting. USCCA offers valuable training and viewpoints when it comes to self defense.  

NSD Proudly Partners With...

Test Drive

One of the worst things we see is someone in class that hates their gun. They did not get to test it before purchasing. Did you know you cannot return a firearm? Why not come try out different guns before you purchase?

Private Lessons

Let's build a custom plan and lessons based off of the skills you want to improve. You get to set up a one on one, two hour session with our instructors to work on what you need to improve.


NSD offers the best and most practical equipment. Cobratec Knives offer unsurpassed quality, while not slicing a giant hole in your wallet.  



No one brings you the latest tech like NSD. We utilize the Mantis X and Laser Academy training systems in all of our classes. We advance our own training with Mantis X. We are a proud mantis dealer.


You need to be able to carry, all guns and spare mags. Will your current belt support the weight? Not likely! NSD has partnered with Kore Essentials to bring you the best in EDC carry belts.

See why we are, Central Illinois's #1 rated firearms training academy
and concealed carry instructors!


"They were very knowledgeable on laws guns and services. They are partners with vendors. They offered many services others do not. Which was amazing. They were very friendly and personable and helpful and funny. Class was fun and interesting. I highly recommend them. Great job guys."

Vicky Eggers, Via Google



"Wonderful experience. Easy to understand no matter what level of knowledge."

Derek Matlock, Via Facebook 



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"Josh did a great job as our concealed carry instructor. He kept the class interesting and shared a wealth of information and examples. His insights has improved my awareness. I definitely benefited greatly from being in his class and hope I can take other classes he offers. Jenni was also a huge help in making for a great experience. She had many things to contribute to the class. The amount of the behind the scenes work she does to make our end easier is immeasurable and is very much appreciated!! Thank You Josh & Jenni !!!"

Tim Noland, Via Google